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Other brushes

Antistatic brushes

The antistatic brushes are equipped with very fine steel fibres or carbon fibres.

The steel fibres are braided and present a very high abrasion resistance. The standard versions are equipped with this type of fibre. Application: ticketing, smart cards, textiles...

Carbon fibres are recommended for highly sensitive surfaces. Thanks to their high conductivity they may be used for dielectric breakdown inspections, for the elimination of electrical charges and voltage application to surfaces.

Applications: packaging, plastic foil application, photo copy machines, printers...

The brushes may be supplied alone or with an aluminium support to increase the fastening possibilities.

Wire wheel brushes

These standard wheels made of large-diameter polyester, polypropylene, Rilsan® or tempered steel filaments are mounted on metal cylinders, making large wire wheel brushes. Their simple installation makes it easy to change worn brushes.

These brushes, widely used to clean roads, can also be used in other applications such as cleaning concrete moulds, etc.

Belt brushes

Give us your dimensions and we will implant filaments into flat, trapezoidal or notched belts.

Application: Transfer and slowing of bottles in a bottling line.

Bottle brushes

Although these brushes are mostly used to clean hollow objects (bottles, tubes, bores, etc.), they can also be used in other applications such as deburring (intersecting drilled holes, etc.).

We custom make series and prototypes.

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