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Hygiene brushes


Polypropylene support, hard, flexible or soft polyester fibres, glass fibre handle (1.30 m).

Available in 5 colours: white, blue, yellow, green and red.

Packaging: 6 pieces in individual plastic bags.

Brooms: 26 cm (straight handle insert) and 50 cm (inclined handle insert).

Deck broom: 22 - 26 and 30 cm.

Street broom.

Round head broom.

Tank brush 17 cm and 21 cm.


They are perfectly suitable for the cleaning of floors and tables.

Two models: 55 and 70 cm.

Hand brushes

For cleaning tables, plates, pots and utensils Available with hard or soft polyester fibres. Packaging: 6 pieces in individual plastic bags.

We propose several user-friendly shapes: barrel brush, crab brush, shuttle brush, round hand brush, nail brush with stainless steel chain.


A complete range of dusters for dust collection and cleaning of sinks and wash basins: dusters with short and long handles, dusters for cutter blades, gilded edges, half-head and bakery dusters, duster set (brush and shovel).


Foodstuff brushes with yellow or green handle.

Interior brushes for laboratory equipment

Twisted handle made of stainless steel 304L Polyester fibre.

Available in 5 colours: white, blue, yellow, red and green.

Packaging: 6 pieces in individual plastic bags.

Brushes for test tubes (ø 10 to 24), vials and pipettes.

Interior brushes with grip

Interior brushes with plastic grip (ø 10 to 80)

Stainless steel 304L handle.

Available in 5 colours.

Interior brushes for pipes

Threaded extensions: a female connection on one end fits on the interior brush. Length: 1 m.

Manoeuvring handle with grip.
Length: 1 m.

Various and special interior brushes

We manufacture all types of interior brushes upon request.
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