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Choosing the right filaments is an essential step in making effective brushes. They come in an array of materials and looks.

There are four categories of filaments:
Metal wires: steel (high-resistance, brasscoated, stainless steel, tempered), brass and bronze.
Synthetic fibres: polyamide or nylon (types of quality: 6, 6/6, 6/10, 6/12), Rilsan®, polypropylene, polyester and abrasive nylon.
Natural fibres: both animal (horse and goat hair, pigs' bristles, goose feathers, ostrich feathers) and vegetable (tampico) have antistatic properties.
Speciality fibres: Wytex®, Pekalon, glass fibre, FRH, carbon fibre, etc. resist temperatures up to 200°C, chemicals and mechanical constraints (bending, traction). They release no toxic gases when burned.

The look of filaments varies on the style and durability you are looking for. We offer filaments with different diameters, straight or crimped filaments and various colours (white and black are used most).

We often come up with new types of speciality filaments, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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